cost of automated reference check

What is the Cost of Automated Reference Check?


Cost:  The amount or equivalent paid or charged for something.

Automated:  To apply the principles of automation to a mechanical process, industry, office, etc. . .

Reference Check:  The process of getting information about a person from his/her previous employers, schools and other available sources.

Pretty simple by definition, not so simple by choice.  

Additional Questions to ask to get the answer:

  • Is this a service or software solution?

  • Is the process truly automated, or is the process of calling references outsourced?

  • What do I have to do to initiate the service or solution?

  • How are references contacted?

  • Are there multiple methods being used to contact references or just a single method?

  • If only one method- what if it does not work?

  • How many attempts will the service or solution make on a candidate?

  • How long will it take to get results back to me?

  • In what format will the results be presented ?

  • Is the price:  per candidate or subscription based?

  • Are reference questions customized to fit our company needs or standard by default?

  • Is this solution part of a bigger solution (ATS,HRIS) or a stand alone?  

  • If stand alone, can the solutions be integrated into an ATS or HRIS such as ICIMS, Greenhouse, ProSky, JobVite  etc…

  • Is the solution compliant with current HR standards and regulations?

Many questions need to be addressed to simply reach this conclusion:  The Cost of an Automated Reference Check is a fraction of the cost of a traditional reference check