RefLynk Disrupts Reference Checks

Waiting for days to receive reference feedback on a candidate when unemployment is below 3% is not possible.  Many organizations are losing great talent to other companies because their reference checks are taking too long.

Reference Checks: Yes or No?
"Companies Fast Track Hiring"


A 2015 Wall Street Journal Article illustrated a problem faced by many companies and that is how to hire employees quickly, which is measured in hours not days.  The first thing removed from the HR Toolbox was reference checks.  Why?  Because traditional phone-based reference checks:

  • Take too long

  • Produce little B2B information

  • Labor intensive

  • Costly

The one thing all HR experts agree on is that the decision to lower the vetting standards with result in fallout from making poor hiring decisions.

Speed is Critical
Don't Settle for Slow

RefLynk is an innovative reference checking solution.  We have turned reference checks into hours not days.  Using SMS/ texting technology we have mobilized the reference checking process.

Clients using our SMS option regularly see their reference checks completed in 24 hours or less.


Objective Hiring
Competency-Based Surveys


Use competency-based Surveys to make your hiring process more objective.


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