Understand Why Employees Leave


An often overlooked analytic is a true understanding of why employees make a decision to leave your organization. 

  • Better opportunity?

  • More money?

  • Bad culture?

  • Harassment?

Remove Awkward HR Exit Interview
RefLynk Promotes Candid Feedback


Create Exit Interview survey or multiple exit surveys defined by position that can be sent electronically to your former employee.  The survey can be constructed using Likert Scale and/or open ended questions that allows the ex-employee to provide candid feedback on their decision to leave as well as their rating of your organization, culture, etc.

Case Study
Indiana Teacher Shortage Reaches Critical Point

Indiana is experiencing a sharp decline in available teachers, especially for math, sciences and special needs.  And many teachers entering the field of education are leaving to pursue other career opportunities.  The state has little data to understand the reasons behind why young teachers are leaving.  

RefLynk is being used by a large number of Indiana school corporations to better understand what problems exist that are pushing young teachers out of education and using the analytics to put solutions in place to not only retain but better recruit people into education.