Cost of Reference Check

What is the Cost of Automated Reference Check?


Cost:  The amount or equivalent paid or charged for something.

Automated:  To apply the principles of automation to a mechanical process, industry, office, etc. . .

Reference Check:  The process of getting information about a person from his/her previous employers, schools and other available sources.

Pretty simple by definition, not so simple by choice.  

Additional Questions to ask to get the answer:

  • Is this a service or software solution?

  • Is the process truly automated, or is the process of calling references outsourced?

  • What do I have to do to initiate the service or solution?

  • How are references contacted?

  • Are there multiple methods being used to contact references or just a single method?

  • If only one method- what if it does not work?

  • How many attempts will the service or solution make on a candidate?

  • How long will it take to get results back to me?

  • In what format will the results be presented ?

  • Is the price:  per candidate or subscription based?

  • Are reference questions customized to fit our company needs or standard by default?

  • Is this solution part of a bigger solution (ATS,HRIS) or a stand alone?  

  • If stand alone, can the solutions be integrated into an ATS or HRIS such as ICIMS, Greenhouse, ProSky, JobVite  etc…

  • Is the solution compliant with current HR standards and regulations?

Many questions need to be addressed to simply reach this conclusion:  The Cost of an Automated Reference Check is a fraction of the cost of a traditional reference check

What is the Cost of a Reference Check?

What seems to be a simple question, can actually be very difficult and complex to answer. Are you asking . . .

●     what is the price of a reference check?

●     what is a reference check worth?

●     what is the value of a reference check?

●     what is the cost of a reference check?

This is where it gets tricky and will test your patience as you ferret out what the actual question is asking.  Let’s start with definitions:

●     price - the amount of money required to purchase something

●     worth - an expected selling price of a good or service over time

●     value - the usefulness or desirability of a good or service

●     cost - an amount of ??? that has to be given up in order to get something

Price vs Cost:  Price might or might not equal Cost depending on viewpoint.

For example:

“What is the price of a reference check?”  The asker is wanting an answer in $$$$.

“What is the cost of a reference check?”  The asker could be wanting to know a $$$ amount or the cumulative “cost” which involves the total time spent performing the check, the cost of the method used, etc.  

Value vs Worth:  Likewise, Value might or might not equal Worth depending on the viewpoint of the asker.

“What is the value of a reference check?”  This question can have many interpretations.  Rarely would or should this question be answered using a $$$ amount; rather, this question needs to be answered with a detailed explanation of the advantages vs. the disadvantages of performing a reference check.  After determining the specifics of the information desired in the reference check, a Value Cost in $$$ can be derived.

“What is a reference check worth?   Again, similar to using Value, this question can be very complex based on the information provided or the information already known.  Worth is normally measured over time,  therefore, the time is an element of consideration. A $$$ amount can be assigned to Worth, but only after calculations are analyzed over time, based on numerous business factors across multiple segments.

Looking back, the question of “What is the Price of a Reference Check?” can be as simple or as complex as the situation dictates. In most instances the asker may not know the many components that go into determining the correct answer. They are simply wanting a quick $$$ amount. 

At a glance, the questions below . . .

●     What is the price of a reference check?

●     What is a reference check worth?

●     What is the value of a reference check?

●     What is the cost of a reference check?

all seem to be asking the same thing, but in reality, they are four completely different questions with four completely different answers.

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