How Do You Manage Feedback on Your Internships?

Reflynk saves college and universities thousands of dollars in labor collecting feedback on the hundreds or thousands of students that participate in internships each year.  And it makes compliance with organizations and foundations that fund internship programs.

Multiple Positions
Create As Many Positions & Surveys As Needed


Internships can vary from single day, week, or summer internships and they feedback needed for each type of internship is different.  RefLynk allows you to to create as many positions and surveys as your need.

Internship Self-Evaluation
Create Internship Self-Evaluation Surveys


It is no longer necessary to interview host supervisors and the intern separately.  RefLynk allows you to create self-evaluation survey(s) that can be included as a reference type on each position so you have feedback from all of the required parties in one report.  Each reference type can complete a different survey within the position.

Let RefLynk Do All Of The Heavy Lifting

Simple enter your interns name, email and mobile phone number, select the position and let RefLynk do all the work.  All reminders are auto-generated daily until feedback is completed.