Criminal Checks are NOT Enough for Volunteer Organizations.

  Studies have shown that:

80% of Sex Offenders Do Not Have a Criminal History

RefLynk Solves Reference Check Problems
Traditional Phone-Based Reference Checks


Labor Intensive

Elicit Very Little Information

Automate Volunteer Reference Checks
Let RefLynk Do The Heavy Lifting

Alerts & Notifications

Text & email notifications when reference surveys are completed.

Volunteer Driven

Give the candidate responsibility for for initiating and collecting reference feedback via RefLynk online tool.

Automated Reminders

Auto reminders every 12 hours. 

Morning Digest

Status report delivered to your inbox each morning.

Auto Complete

Set minimum requirements i.e. want 4 references will accept 3 after 48 hrs.

Reference Declined

Declined reference automates a text to candidate to add new reference.