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Using AI in HR and Recruiting

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a buzzword right now that people are either embracing or fearing.  AI has been around for years and is already a part of everyone’s life. We just may not have realized that was what it was called.  In fact, until recently, it was not called AI.   It might have been called:


One might ask, “Where does AI fit into HR and Recruiting?”  To answer this we must first distinguish the difference between HR (Human Resources) and Recruiting.

Human Resources is a department within an organization that oversees various aspects of employment such as compliance with labor laws and employment standards, employment benefits, and some aspects of recruitment and dismissal.  One major area in which artificial intelligence will have impact on Human Resources is improving relationships with existing employees.   HR departments are constantly fielding employee inquiries. AI can be used to answer these questions via automated email replies or IM messages (a form of email filters referenced above).   Virtual assistants could perform and automate everything from scheduling employee review meetings to on-boarding landmarks.  Using algorithms to facilitate employee coaching is beginning to take shape now and shows great promise.

Recruiting is the overall process of attracting, selecting, and appointing suitable candidates for jobs within an organization.   Recruiting is an essential part of Human Resources as Human Resources would not exist if Recruiting was not present.  AI is present in most areas of today’s recruiting environment.  AI is used to reduce possible human bias in recruiting.  This brings up another topic for a later post- Do we want to dehumanize the recruiting of humans?   AI is present in the job posts that are posted on an organization’s career site i.e. a job board such as Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc . . .   How are those job descriptions developed, parsed, and ordered for present and future success? AI.  Assessing candidates and the candidate selection process is littered with artificial intelligence.   Many organizations are using software with sophisticated algorithms to automate, rank, match, and assess a candidate’s attributes and experience with a desired position.  

The above examples are just a few of the solutions available right now that are incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the HR and recruiting arena.    Obviously, there are many solutions available with many more to follow.  Ironically enough, AI will more than likely play a large role in determining the what, the if, and the when your organization takes a dive into the world of AI.   

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