Intern Reference Checks

How to Handle Intern Reference Check Feedback


As a junior in college, I have been fortunate to have a lot of recent experience working as an intern. The college I attend has been phenomenal in providing assistance with these opportunities, and wants future students to have similar ones. For this reason, at the end of my internship my employers and I were required to conduct interviews with an individual from the college. This data is extremely beneficial; however, the process to acquire it was not efficient to say the least. Simply imagine the time and transportation costs accumulated from sending individuals all over to meet with hundreds of students and employers just to conduct an exit interview. There has to be a better method.

Ironically, the company I interned with was Reflynk. Reflynk’s reference checking software is the exact solution that my college needs. Here is a breakdown of how Reflynk works in a simple 6 step model:

  1. Admin. user enters the applicant's email and optional phone number within the system

  2. Applicant receives email and optional text message

  3. Applicant enters desired references with contact info

  4. References receive email and optional text message

  5. References complete survey regarding applicant

  6. Admin. user views feedback

While Reflynk is originally intended for reference checking, it certainly can be used to obtain exit interview data, such as the instance with my college internship. To do this, the college would simply be the Admin. user, the intern would act as the applicant, and the employers would act as the references. The process remains the same, and the data gets collected in a much more productive manner.

Whether you need to obtain information on a potential new-hire or for an exit interview, Reflynk is the ultimate tool for collecting and organizing that data. Time and money are two essential concerns for nearly any business, and Reflynk saves both.

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