How Does RefLynk Automate Reference Checks


72% of References Respond within 24 hrs!


Candidate Driven

Escape B2B Policies

Many organizations have abandoned tradition reference checks because they are time consuming, costly and provide little competency feedback on their candidates.  B2B policies have shifted to "name, rank and serial number" only reference checks.  RefLynk is a candidate driven software so all feedback requests are coming directly from the candidate not the employer.

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Text References
Go Mobile With Reflynk


Avoid email SPAM filters by using our texting technology.  Candidates receive invitations on their phone to enter references and their references can receive a text to complete their feedback.  Texting changes the rules on candidate feedback:

  • No deliverability issues

  • Converts process to Mobile

  • Fast response times from references

Automate Your Reference Checks
Let RefLynk Do All of the Heavy Lifting

Candidate Driven

Give the candidate responsibility for initiating and collecting reference feedback via RefLynk online tool.


Alerts & Notifications

Text & email notifications when reference surveys are completed.

Morning Digest

Status report delivered to your inbox each morning.


Automated Reminders

Auto reminders every 12 hours. 

reference Declined

Declined reference automates a text to candidate to add new reference.


Auto Complete

Set minimum requirements i.e. want 4 references will accept 3 after 48 hrs.

Multi-Purpose Feedback
RefLynk Automates Feedback

RefLynk is used to collect feedback on candidates across many verticals that included pre-employment, stay employment, exit interviews, volunteers, internships and tenant screening.  It is a highly configurable software that can be adapted to any use. 

Create Your Own Surveys
Reference Survey Builder

No Limit on Number of Surveys

Survey Builder

Survey Builder

Convert your  surveys

Select a default template:

Modify a Default Template

Create new surveys

Create Positions & Reference Rules



Create as many positions as you need i.e. Employment, Sales, etc.

Define Position Rules

  • Reference Types i.e. "Former Supervisor" etc.

  • Requested Reference Types

  • Required Reference Types

  • Survey for each Reference Type

  • Close-Out Rules (after X days will auto close)

Aggregated Feedback


Easy to Read Reports

Feedback is aggregated& scored by reference relationship.  This provides consistent feedback and comparison and it also allows for the easy consumption ofa lot of data.  Reports are available online or through an integration as html or PDF.

Online Report

Online Report

PDF Report

PDF Report